Teacher in your journey | Thanh Bình + Nam Anh

The book "Teachers in your journey" by Thanh Binh and Nam Anh recalls the first years of school life - unforgettable memories in each of us. And as Usinxki's quote quoted in the book: "The example of a teacher is the sun's most favorable light for the development of a young soul without a substitute".

You can see many teachers in this book . Teachers from thousands of years ago, teachers from all over the countryside, teachers who were in the most arduous place or working with sufficient conditions. They still have a respectable position in the hearts of their students. Because the teacher not only teaches knowledge, "Teachers must also have enthusiasm, arouse the passion that is hidden in every human being", for them to study, they train to reach the dream. "The teacher who does not teach students the desire to learn, is just kicking the hammer on cold iron." And because, "Teachers are raw sugar, students are affinated sugar".

Today's life has changed a lot, but the religion of teaching is still unchanged. As for the teachers who care for the cause of growing people, society will continue to have useful people. And in the hearts of those students, the revered teacher is not by the name of the Teacher, but by the personality and ethics.