The blue book of grammar and punctuation | Jane Straus, Lester Kaufman & Tom Stern

Hello teachers and students. Today, Inspire Library in association with Book Club would like to introduce a book named "The blue book of grammar and punctuation" by authors Jane Straus, Lester Kaufman & Tom Stern.

The Blue book of grammar and punctuation is a book that covers the rules of English use in easy-to-understand language. Mastering English grammar and punctuation does not take a lifetime. You'll discover simple explanations for even the most challenging grammar problems in this book, which will help you feel more confident while writing and speaking in English.

This book will gently help you pass examinations, papers, theses, letters, emails... whether you are a teacher who teaches English or a student, an executive, a professional writer, or a blogging enthusiast polishing your grammar and punctuation abilities. You will also be able to wow your professors, clients, and other readers with this book.

We would like all of teachers and students to read the book.