The Choice for love | Dr. Barbara De Angelis

Warm greetings to all teachers and students.

Today, the INSPiRE Library, in collaboration with the Book Club, would like to introduce to you a book titled: "The Choice for love" written by Dr. Barbara De Angelis.

As you walk on the thorny path of life, you may encounter unexpected challenges, then it is this love that becomes the favor of saving your soul. This love now is addressing you to rediscover it completely in order to open yourself up in the ways you have never known, to learn how to live in love and to live as love.

When you're in love, you may not have to be in a relationship. You may not have to conquer your fears. You may not have to be completely healed from your past. The only thing you need to do is to feel the love that has burned within you, which is a fire that cannot be extinguished no matter how fierce storms try to swallow its light.

The words in this book are more than just words – they are heart-touching bridges, sentimental gates that are made for you to pass through. The brilliance and sentiment of the content may motivate your highest awakeness and allow you to experience your own discoveries. Like other gifts, "The Choice for love" is not only meant to be looked at and admired, but also to be opened, pondered, and put into life.

Let's come to read it!