The joy of living | Orison Swett Marden

Lady and Gentlemen.

Today, the INSPiRE Library, in collaboration with the Book Companion Club, would like to introduce to you a book entitled: " The joy of living " by Orison Swett Marden.

We are born to be happy. This is the most basic motivation for everyone. In the childhood, we always yearn to amuse ourselves to the rest of our lives. If there are three greatest wishes in this life, many people will ask for health, wealth, and happiness. And when people are asked to choose the most important thing, most would choose happiness.

However, rarely people do find their true happiness. Happiness is like a needle in the bottom of a haystack, then we do not know where to look for it, or even how to begin. Therefore, seeking happiness turns into an intense hunt. However, happiness is not a wild animal for humans to hunt. No one has ever caught happiness when chasing it to the ends of the earth. Happiness does not exist in food, clothing, possessions, excitement, or joy. Happiness also does not come from the satisfaction of desires or a feeling of owning.

You may think that your daily routine is boring that nothing is special. Nevertheless, life isn't as rosy as your childhood dream doesn't mean it's disappointing. Therefore, it just means you're not familiar with happiness and don't know how to appreciate life as it goes by.

There are many people living in the same background as you, but they feel extremely happy. While they see the humor in their life, but you see only sadness. You don't discover anything interesting, whereas they do. Can you hear them laughing aloud?

Welcome all teachers and students to come and read together!