Vầng trăng máu – Cuộc thảm sát người Osage và sự ra đời của tổ chức FBI | David Grann

Hello teachers and students. Today, Inspire Library in association with Book Club would like to introduce a book named "Killers of the Flower Moon" by author David Grann.

Oil and other fossil fuels are accused of causing climate change today, when renewable energies are lauded as a sustainable, zero-emission, and ecologically beneficial development fuel. Climate change, as well as a slew of other pollution-related charges. Power, which can influence and determine the global political landscape, is implicit in the value of oil. Many large-scale deadly conflicts have erupted throughout history to obtain control of this resource known as "black gold."

Blood Moon is a rather dedicated study, providing a perspective on the small-scale oil wars, encapsulated within the planned villages of Native Americans. in the early 1900s. The book exposes a bloody history spanning many decades, the main victims of which were one of the most powerful Aboriginal tribes of the time, the Osage people. For them, oil was considered an unexpected blessing given by the Supreme Being, but they did not expect it, it was also an omen of death that covered the fate of the entire tribe.

We would like all of teachers and students to read the book.