Vương triều Tudor cuối cùng | Philippa Gregory

“Vương triều Tudor cuối cùng” (The last Tudor dynasty) of Philippa Gregory is a book about the three Tudor sisters: Jane Grey - The Nine Day Queen, who is also known as a martyr saint; Katherine Grey - a beautiful, haughty and rebellious sister; and the youngest sister Mary Grey, whose body is small and defective but has a strong pure will inside.

Besides, you will also "see" three other famous queens during this period: Mary Tudor (Mary I of England), who is called Bloody Mary; Queen of Scots (Mary I of Scotland), also known as Queen of France (1559 – 1560); and especially Elizabeth Tudor (Elizabeth I), commonly known by other titles such as The Virgin Queen.

Through Philippa Gregory’s magic pen, you will immediately immerse yourself back in the journey of history to Tudor Kingdom in 16th century - a turbulent century with evil intentions, bloody purges, truculent politicoes, love affairs, pride and prejudice, some rare happiness with constant anguish and regret. Sometimes you get all emotional in the face of a beautiful and pristine love. Sometimes you are so angry in face of cruel intentions, and just want to break everything, from bonds of the scaffold to the royal rules - harsh unwritten laws remained from The "Dark Ages".