We gonna be fine | Gào

Sometimes love has paradoxes that no one can explain: When someone drops it, we try to run after collecting debris to try to make a picture of happiness. But the more we collect the more we get hurt. "We gonna be fine" writing about uncompleted love stories. It is the love of youth, of ignorance... Those are the unconscious lies of love, the sacrifice of the woman, the story of the "ex" and new one, are the love without any limit.

Then, when we go through every step, every step of the long way of life, through all the scratches of love, then we can understand that loving ourselves, nurturing our own dreams is more important than any man in the world.

"We gonna be fine", believe that. Because this life is not only sadness. Out there the sun still shines new rays. Outside, birds are still singing so much for a sunny day. Out there, there are many paths to choose, lots of fun to enjoy all. Out there, life is still calling with love calls ...

Remember, live to your fullest every moment you have to see the life is very beautiful, worth enjoying. And believe that: Love is a journey, no matter what the destination is, it is still a memorable journey. The story of breaking up is only a small event in countless things in this life.