INSPiRE Library during the prevention of coronavirus

While students study at school, the library of Ton Duc Thang University (INSPiRE Library) continues to maintain good disease prevention activities, ensure a safe and healthy environment for students to study here.

Strictly follow the Government's instructions and the Ministry of Health's guidelines on Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control measures, INSPiRE Library has actively required users to comply with the regulations:

  1. Measure temperature according to school regulations
  2. Wear mask at the Library
  3. Wash / sanitize hands before entering the Library
  4. Wash / sanitize hands before and after using the device at the library
  5. Keep a safe distance
  6. Soap and antiseptic solution are arranged in full, convenient for use.
  7. Prepare personal drinking water bottles.
  8. Limit the use of elevators in the Library.
  9. Not recommend moving by elevator.
  10. The average temperature in the Library will be maintained from 27 degrees upwards.
  11. Prepare personal handbag.
  12. Regularly clean items and equipment at the Library to ensure hygiene and ventilation.
  13. For visitors, they are required to provide the Information Form before visiting.

In addition, the media urges users to join hands to actively apply preventive measures and create a safe learning environment, which is always promoted.

INSPiRE Library noted that TDTU's students are always conscious, proactive, and voluntarily strictly follow the regulations of the University and the Library.

The library always aims to inspire and ensure users have a safe, healthy learning and research environment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some photos:

Rearrange facilities to keep a safe distance

Sofa spaces

In the elevator

Students prepare their own water bottle

Students comply with Library regulations

Antibacterial liquid automatic machine

Washing hands with sanitizer before entering the library