Video Rooms




2nd Floor


Educational  and entertainment purposes


05-08 seats

Time allowed

02 hours, extension granted if there’s no user waiting


Table, chairs, Smart Tivi, Internet, couch

Fee: 10000VND/1 hour

How to reserve a Video Room

  • Step 1: Go to Library Website, select ‘Reserve a Room”;
  • Step 2: Log in (using Lecturer/Student/Staff account)
  • Step 3: Choose and reserve a room that suits your needs;
  • Step 4: Provide all required information
  • Step 5: Check your reservation status.
    (Please allow 10 minutes for processing your request);
  • Step 4: Go to the room you’ve reserved
    • Insert your Library Card into Video Room Access Control to check in the room;
    • Please abiding by the library regulations when using the room
  • Step 5: Contact library staff at your floor when you’ve done.

See Movie Catalogs

Please notice

  • If you’re 10 minutes late for the reservation, this reservation will be cancelled and the room will be made available to others;
  • To cancel a reservation you’ve made, please notify us by phone or via email;
  • Once you check in at Access Control, system will start counting your used time and finish counting when you check out;
  • To make sure that a Video Room will be available for you, please make a reservation as soon as possible.
  • Please make sure that computers/TVs in your reserved video area has been turned on before scanning your card at Access Control to activate Internet connection.
Trương Thị Thanh Ngân (Ms.)
Multi-media Desk, 2nd Floor
Phone: (028) 37 755 057
Line: 212