New Arrivals

My Palpitating Life is a touching story of a 17-year-old boy with progeria, a disease that cause rapid aging; he prepares to bid farewell to his thirty-something parents, who had him when they were teenagers.

It was the time you locked yourself in such an empty glass box then trying to scream loudly to ask for help from outside. Why are we so absurd just like a child even though we're grown-ups.

In "Du hoc My", Van Anh - Minh Duc, the authors, shared all of their experiences to help us make wise decisions for the future academic life abroad.

One day, when you wake up and realize that your 20s suddenly disappears, then welcome you to the 30s, when your perception will be much more accurate thanks to what you've experienced in the past.

Ken Honda will once again help you answer the difficult questions for the people at the age of 20.