Note about library account:

Freshmen can use temporary account for guest (provided in Library Orientation Online Test) to search and view online materials on library website while waiting for official student card and account


INSPiRE library is an administrative unit of Ton Duc Thang University, with the role of providing information resources, services and an academic environment for learning, teaching, and scientific research of students, faculties, and staffs


  • Join the online course "Tập huấn sử dụng thư viện TDTU" on E-learning through Student Portal
  • Sign the Commitment to Copyright and Effective use the library (online)
  • Take the library test (online)

Online course opens from:

  • Official time: September 11 to October 31, 2023 (Closed)
  • Addtitional time: November 20 to December 31, 2023 (Closed)
  • If you haven't taken the library course, please contact us at for assistance.

Guidance for card and account activation for freshmen:

Alongside the card activations conducted at the first semester of 2023-2024, the Library is still assisting freshmen with their card activation. Students are kindly requested to present their official cards at the Multimedia Desk on the 2nd Floor of the Library during office hours for activation assistance.

Click here to see how to join online class


Click on the button  on the top right of video frame to see list of library orientation videos



(Who's not had a library plastic card yet)

In order to ensure your safety and interests, users are required to follow some issues below:

1. Locker Area (Basement 1)
- Users shall use your own padlock for library’s lockers;
- Users shall leave backpacks in the locker and use library slippers before entering the building;
- Users shall take full responsibility for their valuable belongings (smartphone, laptop, cash, jewelry, etc. );
- Locker area is open in the library’s working hours and for using library purpose only.

2. How to enter/exit the library
- Enter the library through front door for guests (follow the direction in front of the main entrance) and check-in at the Service Desk;
- Exit the library through the security gate opposite the elevator which has been left open;
- Users must not use the elevator at the Ground Floor;
- Do not push library’s security gates.

3. Library culture:

- Users have to keep silence in library (especially at the third and the fourth Floor);
- Users do not allow to bring any food or drink (coffee, boba tea, milk tea,...) in the library;
- Do not put water bottle on the table;
- Do not hang jacket on the chair.

4. Using Presentation Rooms/Group Study Rooms/Individual Rooms, etc.:

Users have to reserve a room online and contact library staff for markers, erasers, HDMI cable if needed. If you don't have an offcial student chip card, our staff will help you opne the room.

5. Using printing/photocopying/scanning services:

Users contact library staff for support.

Users have to read, understand carefully and comply with the University and Library Regulations. Please contact our library staff or send email to for any further support.