Bullshit Jobs: A Theory | David Graeber

"Youth will eventually leave us and fly away”. Therefore, in the months and years brimming with vitality, we should refrain from wasting time, especially on meaningless tasks.

David Graeber - a professor of anthropology, a political activist, and a journalist - has presented readers with a straightforward perspective on “The Phenomenon of Meaningless Jobs.” The author starts by approaching the concept of 'What constitutes meaningless jobs.' It goes beyond a simple or rough understanding, and the definition is distilled after analyzing various aspects of this phenomenon in society to refine it and provide the most accurate definition.

“Bullshit Jobs: A Theory” functions as an effective catalyst for all labor forces, helping us seriously assess and find a direction for ourselves: abandoning current meaningless jobs and seeking something more meaningful."

  • Title : Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
  • Author : David Graeber
  • Publisher : The Gioi Publisher
  • Year of Publication : 2021