Communication: Your Key to Success | Shirley Taylor & Alison Lester

Dear teachers and students. Today, the Inspire Library, in partnership with the Book Companion Club, would like to introduce Shirley Taylor & Alison Lester’s book “Communication: Your Key to Success” to teachers and students.

Most people would agree that their job satisfaction largely comes from the way they, their colleagues, and their clients communicate with each other. However, human-to-human communication is often complicated by layers of vague expectations, hidden hopes, and disastrous misunderstandings.

Fortunately, with "Communication: Your Key to Success," we can learn all of the skills required for effective communication. The book will provide practical, effective tools to help you improve your ability to clearly present concerns, understand other people's words, increase confidence, improve teamwork, and increase working productivity, as well as create a positive workplace and encourage people to actively support each other.

One of the most crucial personal and professional talents you should have is excellent communication abilities. Whether you're creating personal or professional relationships, your communication abilities will determine whether you succeed or fail in your career. This book is a great place to start if you want to improve your communication skills. I hope this book provides you with a fresh viewpoint on how to improve your communication abilities and gain significant benefits. And you'll discover that the tools and directions in this book are really helpful.

Dear teachers and students, please stay tuned and read!