Cultivating Critical Thinking in work | Tri Tuan Khai

"Success in your life doesn't just stop at finding a good job but lies in harnessing better opportunities within the very job you are doing" This quote by Trí Tuấn Khải from the book somewhat ignites the determination to seek newer, greater things hidden within your current job that you might believe you've already done exceptionally well.

Trí Tuấn Khải, a seasoned manager with many years of experience, has worked with various employees. He meticulously observed the attitudes and work styles of each individual, creating a "circle of thinking" that everyone needs to help weed out the untrustworthy. This makes management work smoother, following its natural course and achieving the effect of "1+1>2".

"Cultivating critical thinking in work" is a useful guidebook for all readers who have faced or are facing obstacles in their work, especially those ambitious individuals aiming for advancement in their current positions. With sincere and reliable advice, you gradually expand your perspective, recognizing your own flawed thinking in your work. Alongside honing smart problem-solving methods and nurturing relationships sensibly, each of us will surely find our own destination.

  • Title: Cultivating critical thinking in work
  • Author: Tri Tuan Khai
  • Publishers: Dan Tri
  • Year Of Publication : 2021