Diary of a Cricket | Tô Hoài

The book is about the adventures of a cricket who leaves his nest and travels to different places. He grows up and learns by overcoming difficult situations with the help of many different people and animals. Despite numerous difficulties on the road, the cricket with his friends is determined to fight against injustice in life. The whole literature work is an innovative invention of the author through a process of meticulous observation and careful study of cricket life. To Hoai has used the stories of animals to debate raison d’etre of human being and convey a message for young people - to walk new paths, try new works, and build a happy life, rather than staying in a sullen society. Writer Bang Viet admitted he has been strongly influenced by this work ‘Since I was a child, I read the Adventures of a cricket. The book attracted all people of my generation because of its attractive plot, the personality of the main character Cricket, and its ideals which are the ideals of the generation of writer To Hoai. Therefore, when we joined the army in the country’s resistance wars, our generation had been much influenced by this work.