Đừng Đợi Kiếp Sau Mới Quan Tâm Nhau | Du Phong - Minh Mẫn

"Đừng Đợi Kiếp Sau Mới Quan Tâm Nhau" is a special gift that marks the return of Du Phong Minh Man after "Những Gì Đã Qua Đừng Nghĩ Lại Quá Nhiều", the book has been sold out continuously in 2016 and is still being reprinted in the next 3 years.

With the narratives and contemplations of the young couple (now no longer) about things that have been passed in their lives. This book is for families, loved ones who have passed away, for teachers and friends, for pets who used to be soulmates, for those who have died. The lover only remains once, writing for dreams is only dreams.