Exellence In Coaching | Jonathan Passmore

When you take on the role of a guide, effectively facilitating coaching, it becomes an incredibly fascinating profession. "Exellence In Coaching" by Jonathan Passmore is an intriguing book tailored for the coaching community in Vietnam.

The term "coach" originated in the 1960s. In essence, coaching means empowering the person seeking assistance, creating conditions for them to self-direct their learning, enabling personal growth, and enhancing work performance.

This book directly answers the question: What are the most successful coaching models today? It's a significant concern for all who are or will be involved in coaching- a rarity that focuses on analyzing aspects related to coaching, a field that currently faces challenges in Vietnam.

It's a concise anthology, simple, easy to read, and effectively applicable in the practicalities of coaching. Readers will save a lot of time and energy understanding and implementing the suggestions in the book. The set of questions presented is logically laid out, meticulously analyzed, and demonstrates a reasonable way of using these questions during training sessions.

  • Title: Exellence In Coaching
  • Author: Jonathan Passmore
  • Pulishers: The Gioi 
  • Year Of Publication: 2021