Hướng nghiệp trong thời đại 4.0 | Randall Stross

Hello teachers and students.

Today, Inspire Library in association with Book Club would like to introduce a book named "A practical education: Why liberal arts majors make great employees" by author Randall Stross.

As the saying goes, "don't judge a book by its cover," the same rule applies when selecting a university. Even if attending a prestigious university with a stellar reputation will make your resume look impressive to recruiters, it probably won't have any impact on your career decisions once you graduate.

Your career is the most significant conclusion to the question of what you have learned after years of education. In addition to providing for your basic needs, a successful job should also enable you to lead an active life with helpful social relationships. While we all know "what to do" not everyone is aware of "how to accomplish it". A Practical Education: Why Liberal Arts Majors Make Great Employees by author Randall Stross might be the book for you if you're concerned.

Although it does not specifically address "career guidance," the Stanford students' path to locate their dream jobs, which is fraught with difficulties, may have a certain significance for assisting readers in determining their own future career paths.

Warmly invite you all to read along.