Live unregretful life - Age 20 of Love | Ken Honda

Have you ever wondered why your love path couldn't end happily? How to make it possible? What are the factors that kill your love? Beautiful Age 20 of Love, Ken Honda will once again help you answer the difficult questions for the people at the age of 20.

Love is colorful and everyone has their own story. But love in the 20s is not the same: some people do not want to love; some people are not loved; There are good and perfect relationships but there are conflicting and contradictory relationships. Love is the greatest gift we have in this life. Love and being loved are two of the most important needs of a human life. When you love and are loved, your life will change a lot.

Not only regarding the love of girl and boy, Age 20 of Love also extended to the meaning of marriage, the meaning of a companion will share with us the sadness throughout this life. This book is another gift, after 20 years of enthusiasm, that Ken Honda dedicated to us, who have, and will be through the best 20 years of life.