Love For Imperfect Things | Haemin Sunim

"I am permanently not good enough, not perfect, but so what?" This question is posed in the 131st letter of the book "999 Letters to Myself," and it strongly resonates with the book "Love for Imperfect Things" by Haemin Sunim.

After completing his academic achievements, Reverend Haemin returned to Seoul in 2015. Alongside many experts, he established a school for soul therapy, providing free treatment for those carrying the burdens of life. The book "Love for Imperfect Things" was translated into Vietnamese in 2018. It is a book born from the author's experiences with himself and society.

This creation by Reverend Haemin is not filled with dry doctrines. Instead, it is crafted from stories, shares, small emotions-simple yet containing advice and encouragement worth reflecting upon. The gentle style within each page of the book is like a soft breeze, dispersing the grey clouds in the soul, enabling us to perceive life through clearer eyes.

  • Title: Love For Imperfect Things
  • Author: Haemin Sunim
  • Pulishers: Penguin Books
  • Year Of Publication : 2018