Many Lives – Many Times | Nguyen Phong

"Karma is not a predetermined fate. It is the forces in time that will occur, and we can create new forces to alter its course, turning adversity into healing."

Released amid the storm of the fourth wave of the pandemic, " Many Lives – Many Times" by Nguyên Phong has just been officially launched, creating a frenzy as it is sought after by numerous readers in Vietnam and Vietnamese people worldwide, like a spiritual vaccine amidst the Covid-19 storm.

Adapted from experience, the subconscious, and research processes, exploring the spiritual values of the East, "Many lives – Many times " has unveiled truths and brilliantly performed the role of a spiritual handbook supporting readers in enhancing their understanding, contemplation, reflection, and transformation to overcome this turbulent and evolving crisis.

Beyond the barriers of space and time, readers have continued a priceless journey through past-life stories, the cycle of karma that has fascinated hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese readers, led by the wealthy and wise New York businessman, Thomas. Alongside these explorations into the layers of the soul and new directions amidst the cycles of human and planetary destruction.

The content of this book has sowed beautiful vibrations into the readers' hearts like fluttering butterfly wings. However, these feelings are not merely fragile, beautiful sensations like butterfly wings. Instead, they are powerful tremors akin to a hurricane, stirring the realm of consciousness, guiding individuals back toward goodness and further on the journey of rediscovering themselves."

  • Title: Many lives – Many times
  • Author: Nguyen Phong
  • Publishers: Ho Chi Minh City General House
  • Year Of Publication : 2023