Ngày xưa có một chuyện tình | Nguyễn Nhật Ánh

As its name, this is a book about love, written in a completely different style with writer Nguyen Nhat Anh ever.

"Ngay xua co mot chuyen tinh" is a touching story when people loved each other, the thirst for a peaceful happiness was so warm; Or is it just about three people - you, me, and that person ...?

When opening the book, readers will witness the love wind flowing through the sun on the girl's winter face; The first sweet kiss, the first hug, the tears and the last embrace of the love of human love ... And the reader will find the answer, for themselve.

"- Hey, Mien".

- What is it, Phuc?

- I have something to tell you.

- What's going on?

- Uhh.In our class.

- What is in our class?

- This time I saw Mien's eyebrows raised. He asked while swirling his eyes, it must have been weird when listening to my conversation.

Even I, I feel that I'm not the one i used to be that also makes me almost mad at myself.

I speak quickly:

- There is a classmate who likes the Mien. "

"I fell in love as a meteor fell into a black hole. I was swallowed by that love with an irresistible power.

For a long time, I slipped on love like slipping on a banana peel, being ecstatic, enchanted, only when it fell would that momentum stop.

There was something that got me lost. It makes me believe that morality is what people draw, not what people draw. It made me ready to rebel, not bothering to worry about my life and drifting away, what would fall on my life. And I, at first, innocently believed, later tried to believe it was love to justify my actions. But the way I love Phuc, the more I love the more I understand love less

There is something blind, passionate, crazy, psychedelic, immersive in the love of this love.

("Ngay xua co mot chuyen tinh")