Startup Leadership | Derek Lidow

"Entrepreneurship - a story has never been easy for those who carry the desire to build their own empire. It's a long journey, from conceiving ideas to the process of realizing them. Successful entrepreneurship doesn't halt at great ideas; it also encompasses the enduring value that the business brings forth.

"Startup Leadership" was authored by a professor specializing in entrepreneurship at Princeton University (one of the top 5 universities in the US) - Derek Lidow. Simultaneously, he is a founder, chairman, and CEO of numerous prominent companies.

This book serves as a compilation of insights derived from his practical experiences. Unlike other guides on how to start a business or become a millionaire, 'The Entrepreneur's Playbook' guides readers toward creating value through the interaction between business owners and their team members.

Every role, every job must endure formidable challenges to reap the sweet rewards. While this book doesn't present immediate rewards, it surely stands as a steadfast companion, ready to support you throughout the journey of building a fulfilling life."

  • Title : Startup Leadership
  • Author : Derek Lidow
  • Publisher : Labour Publishing House
  • Year of Publication : 2018