Stay Positive | Daniel Decker & Jon Gordon

"You must believe that, what winter has taken away, spring will bring back to you." Perhaps Miêu Công Tử and the two authors of this book harmonized with each other and with the essence of life.

"Live Positively" doesn't merely talk about positive slogans; it's also a place where positive thinking is nurtured, generating a strong source of energy for you to gather more courage in facing the challenges and adversities that occur in your own life. The inherent strength of the soul will be fortified over time, positivity is likened to muscles that require training to be developed.

It is hoped that the excerpts in this book will not only nourish the positivity within you but also radiate from you to everyone around.

  • Title : Stay Positive
  • Author : Daniel Decker and Jon Gordon
  • Publisher : Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House
  • Year of Publication : 2021