Study in US | Van Anh - Minh Duc

The information sources for studying abroad are both redundant and not enough; it is because today we have too many information websites, too many abroad study consultancy centers, and numerous seminars are held continuously ... But paradoxically, all of these, are not enough to just answer all questions that both young students and their parents may have. The missing pieces must be what the people who study abroad experienced. Even though people usually spend a lot of effort and money, they still struggle with too many problems and have no idea where to begin their dream.

In "Du hoc My", Van Anh - Minh Duc, the book's authors, shared all of their experiences to help us make a wise decision for the future academic life abroad.

Van Anh and Minh Duc are also gifted students in the Gifted and Talented School (2014-2017), who are self-suited to "hunt" for a scholarship to study in the United States and earn a scholarship to the prestigious New York University Abu Dhabi and Hamilton College. In your book, you will uncover the things that hard to have a consulting center to study "willing" to share with customers. And that is what will make a huge difference in the search for scholarships to study in the United States for those who have real needs.