The one who is good at communication will rule the world | Trac Nha

In everyday life, we see that: Knowing how to talk is not the way you talk a lot, but it is how to talk, how to deliver the right thing  And it is important to understand what you are talking about. Surely a lot of people have encountered a situation like this: There are marketers who meet customers, and talk incessantly, do not pay attention to customer reactions and feelings, no need to know if the customer is listening to a product introduction. If he did that, he would surely fail. In life and at work, we often encounter the following phenomenon: Many people when talking to acquaintances they speak very well, not lose their temper or falter.

But when they meet a stranger or have to talk in a crowd, they seem to lose control of the language, sometimes not even knowing what he said. So how to improve and avoid such situations? How to speak skillfully? Are there any methods and rules that apply when communicating? Are there any rules and tips for conversations? In different situations, how do you talk to different people, and how to say difficult thing? This book "The one who is good at communication will rule the world" will answer those questions. The book with clear language, close to life will bring practical skills and methods of communication, which will certainly help readers. If rules and methods only help a few people understand and apply, then their value is limited. As long as the book's rules and methodology help many people, their value is infinite. The author of "The one who is good at communication will rule the world" has devoted all his efforts to study the skills and rules of communication, this is also the greatest value of the book.

Finally, as a reminder of communication, I have two things to say to readers:

The first is talk to be sincere. Sincerity is the best language, if you are not sincere, no matter how much you speak, grasp how many skills and methods of communication, all are just meaningless.

The second thing is to listen with the heart. Only by listening with the heart do we know what to say and how to say it. People who don't know how to listen are not people who know how to talk.

Someone who knows how to talk is undoubtedly a good listener.