The Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity | Scott Galloway

Our memories of the COVID -19 pandemic resemble a film reel depicting one of the most horrific tragedies in human history. The world trembled violently at the hands of a tiny sphere measuring just 125 nanometers. That tremor propelled the blue planet into a new era, The Post Corona, a time of challenges and opportunities.

Scott Galloway, a young Marketing Professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University, possessing profound insights into the global economic situation and keen analytical abilities, crafted "The Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity " as a detailed indictment of the world's situation after the pandemic.

In just over 200 pages, Scott Galloway offers readers a multidimensional perspective, spanning from the pandemic's impact to the upheaval of our lives and identifies risks and opportunities through a highly logical lens. From this emerges profound significance, enabling not only America but also all of humanity to step forward into an entirely new era, The Post Corona era.

  • Title: The Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity
  • Author: Scott Galloway
  • Pulishers: The Gioi 
  • Year Of Publication: 2021