Women are frivolous | Ha Thanh Van

This booklet gathers different types of short proses, author's thoughts about life and love.

Different from the academic writing in research projects, these can be considered as expressions expressing the soul of a scientist, a serious lecturer, but romance, humour are always be and a deep look thorough in every corner of life.

The booklet has three parts:

Men and women and ... short proses, sometimes like surgical "blades" going deep into the world of men and women from which to tear apart many stories, many unexpected problems and exciting things.

Love is a love that is the "survey" of the surface as well as the depth of the cyber world, including the world of love, which the writers and readers have to startle to cry out, like the famous poem of Ly Mac Sau: "Ask the world what is love?"

Frivolous stories are humorous confessions, sometimes self-mocking: women are often very frivolous, but if not frivolous, are they still women?