You are not stupid, you are just smart in different way | Lu To Vy

You are not stupid, you are just smart in different way is a memoir recounting the mature journey of Lu To Vy, the most miraculous and genuine journey.

The life of Lu Su Vy was recounted through his own recollections, with stories that were completely real, completely close and ordinary like the lives of others, not romanticized, imperfect.

From an unfortunate young boy suffering from Japanese encephalitis that led to cerebral palsy and IQ only 70 to become a genius possessing 500 inventions, the author of more than 50 famous books on education, a famous expert in the field of exploiting and developing hidden abilities, What a magical life of Lu Su Vy!

During the childhood years of being thought of as being a fool, Lu Tô Vy still believes that he is a smart person. That belief is the "treasure" passed down from his father that even if he only got 0 points, his father is optimistic that is a good grades and when he gets 1 point, his father immediately becomes excited. . "You are not stupid, you are just smart in a different way", this statement of his father helped Lu To Vy always believe in himself and never stop working.

The book "You are not stupid, you are just smart in different way" has been reprinted 60 times and sold 100,000 copies in Taiwan. This is really a inspirational book that anyone can not ignore. Because it makes readers believe that the miracle is completely existent and every person's life can become a miraculous life if they are determined enough to do it.