Online Reading Culture Promotion Contest - Topic: Hope Sower - Awarding Ceremony

On November 29, 2023, the awarding ceremony of the Online Reading Culture Promotion Contest - Topic: Hope Sower was held at the Library building. The contest was organized by the INSPiRE Library to celebrate the Vietnam Teachers Day 2023 and aimed to foster a sense of thankfulness and appreciation among students for their teachers.

The contest ran from November 6 to November 17, 2023 and invited students to write book reviews for five most popular books about teachers that were chosen by the library. The books were:

  • The Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell
  • The First Teacher by Chinghiz Aitmatov
  • The Village Teacher in The Attic by Nguyen The Vinh
  • Teachers in your academic journey by Thanh Binh, An Nam
  • Teacher Man: A Memoir by McCourt Frank

The event attracted a significant number of participants, with over 70 thoughtful and heartfelt reviews submitted by students. The contest judges faced the challenging task of selecting the top five entries for five prizes, and an additional prize was awarded for the most favorite review voted online. The winners of the Online Reading Culture Promotion Contest - Topic: Hope Sower were as follows:

  • First Prize: Tran Nhat Linh – Faculty of Law
  • Second Prize and Most Favorite Review: Vo Thi Kieu Tien – Faculty of Finance & Banking
  • Third Prize: Tran Quoc Huy – Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Fourth Prize: Nghiem Van Tien – Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Fifth Prize: Nghiem Ngoc Thanh Tuyen – Faculty of Business Management

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Loan Thuy, the Library Manager, extended a warm welcome to the students on behalf of the event organizers during the awarding ceremony. In her speech, Ms. Thuy highlighted the significance of reading for students and underscored the varied and profound roles that teachers play across different contexts and cultures. She offered congratulations to the winners and expressed gratitude to all participants for their enthusiasm and effort. Ms. Thuy expressed hope that everyone would persist in reading more books, fostering a culture of reading, and recognizing the valuable contributions of teachers in their lives.

The awarding ceremony served as a testament to the thriving reading culture at TDTU, with students not only engaging in literary discussions but also expressing gratitude for the teachers who shape their academic journey. As the Online Reading Culture Promotion Contest - Topic: Hope Sower concluded, it left a lasting impression on the participants and highlighted the significance of acknowledging the pivotal role teachers play in students' lives. The library hoped that the contest would encourage students to read more books and cultivate a reading culture among the university community.

The library also thanked the Book Club for the great support in this contest.